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Swing Trading Using 4-Hour Chart 2

Swing Trading Using 4-Hour Chart 2

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Swing Trading Using 4-hour chart

Part 2: Trade the Fake!

In the second part of the series "Swing Trading using the 4-hour chart" the
HeikinAshi Trader speaks about the phenomenon of stop fishing and Fakeouts as
well as the many deceptions that major players and algorithms stage in today's
financial markets. These often seem more the rule than the exception. But these
circumstances are what a clever swing trader can exploit by turning the tables.

Instead of falling for the many tricks of the Smart Money, he can learn how to
identify their tracks in the chart. From this, he can develop a highly profitable
swing trading strategy that focuses exclusively on the detection of so-called

Often, it turns out that the deception of the major players represents just the
start of a significant movement. To trade this is mostly high rewarding. With
reference to several examples in different markets and technical chart situations
the author follows the traces of the Smart Money. With practice, every trader can
locate these tricks on a chart and identify the underlying intentions. Such a
strategy would correspond more to the reality of today's markets, instead of
trying to beat the market with outdated methods.

Table of Contents
1. A feint at its finest!
2. How to identify fakes?
3. How do I trade Fakes?
4. Fakes at technical chart patterns
A. flags
B. triangles
C. Trend Channels
5. Trading cross rates
6. More complex patterns
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