Why you should be determined when trading

Trading is a game of patience and perseverance.

With these two qualities, you can go far.

However, your success in trading depends on another crucial factor - your attitude. The way you handle your trades has a huge impact on your success rate.

Most beginners I have met consider trading a hobby. With this attitude, of course, they can't possibly make profits, and even if they do, the results are never consistent.

According to experts in stock market psychology, the typical trader prefers not to follow fixed rules when trading. He does not want to be responsible for the outcome of his trades.

He continually shirks responsibility by making excuses and blaming his losses on external factors such as market conditions, problems with the broker, etc.

The fact is, every time you look for an external excuse, you will feel more indecisive.

If you trade decisively, on the other hand, you take full responsibility for the trades you place. When you have control over your own actions, you can easily assess the risks, analyze your performance, and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Professional traders are those who know exactly what they can and cannot control. And they achieve this by being decisive in everything they do!

But why is determination so important?

You should have so much confidence in your strategy that there is absolutely no room for hesitation, fear or doubt. As a determined trader, you react to what you see as soon as you see it.

When you are decisive and determined in your trading, you will feel empowered. When you know that you are in control of your trading activities, you develop a positive attitude, which is crucial for a trader.

I wish you the best of success!

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