Which is better: trading bots or trading yourself?

One way to make trading easier is to use so-called trading bots. They are essentially pre-programmed software that automate the entire trading process.

Compared to humans, bots are more efficient. They are also faster.

The trading bot software, also called Expert Advisor, follows a set of instructions to execute trades. This way, you eliminate emotions like greed and fear from your trading experience.

Making money while you sleep, in other words....


Anyone who wants to profit from the market with a trading bot should first make sure that it is a proven and tested product. Scammers like to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers who end up buying a dud.

If you trade as a trader yourself, you have to have your own ideas. You have to make the decision yourself whether to trade or not, and when to exit the trade.

Certainly, if I let a bot trade or scalp for me, I save myself time. Also, my emotions are out of the picture.

But that also means I have to trust my robot 100%.

Can you do that?

Even after five or seven losing trades?

There are no guaranteed profits in trading. Neither if you do it yourself, nor if you let a software trade for you.

My main argument against robots is that you learn a lot about statistics but little about the trading process itself. 

And that experience is what matters.

Your learning curve gets shorter the more experience you gain.

Because the best teacher is yourself: namely, the analysis of your losing trades.

You learn the most from your losses.

If you leave it to a bot, it will learn nothing. It will continue to trade according to the parameters it was created with.

Trading robots seem to be the solution for some traders. But basically, with them you bypass the learning process that every trader has to go through.

And you don't want to give up that, do you?

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