The ideal beginner in trading

Is there such a thing as the ideal beginner in trading?

“What a stupid question,” you might think...

But, for me, there is.

What do almost all beginners do when they start trading?

They start reading books, attending courses, or visiting stock market specialists.

In short: they search on the outside.

They look everywhere, except where they should be looking.

Namely, something right in front of their nose: a stock market chart.

The charts tell you everything.

For me, the ideal beginner would be the one who never reads a book about trading, never searches the internet for tips, and never takes a course on technical analysis.

(I know, I’m not exactly advertising for the stock market industry here...).

The ideal beginner would be the one who doesn't give a damn about any of this.

He would be like a kid looking at charts and being handed a demo account. And then there would be a red button (sell) and a green button (buy).

Immediately the child starts trading without having any knowledge about technical analysis and without any help.

And, of course, the child would have only losses at first.

But every now and then, he would make a fat profit.

Just by chance.

And the child would like it, this game with the red and the green button.

The child would want to sit down in front of the PC every day and play this game.

And, because children learn quickly, they would learn to do certain things less often (things that lead to losses), and to do certain things more often (things that lead to wins).

Because the child wants to win the game.

Children learn quickly.

And the child would quickly learn that, if he does certain things, he will succeed.

He would quickly learn (from his own observation) that certain things work well, and others just don't.

That would be my ideal beginner.

Is this a dream? An unattainable ideal? 


But the problem is, after you have immersed yourself in technical analysis, you will never again look at a chart the same way that you looked at it the first time you saw it.

Never again.

You inevitably see resistances, flags, shoulder-head-shoulders, and whatever all those weird concepts are called.

Does technical analysis help you?

Do you make money with it?

If the answer is yes, all the better.

If not, you may have to become like that kid again and forget everything you ever learned.

Is that even possible?

I don't know.

Why don't you give it a try?

Turn the demo game back on and do nothing for now.

Then maybe start buying where you never would have bought before.

And then try to sell where you would never have gone short.

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