Keeping Clarity Every Day

The unique demands of trading can leave most traders feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Even if you may not feel it, it is helpful to apply tactics for unwinding from the rigors of extended trading periods and recharge your mind to maintain and improve your mental focus. 

This is essential as trading has its unique set of pressures that need a sharp mind to handle them. 

Keeping a clean and tidy workspace and a starting and ending routine helps train your brain to focus and unwind from its work modes. Some of the tips given below may not work for you, and maybe they will all work. We are all unique and need to know what works and doesn't work for us. 

  • Mental relaxation and focus exercises: 
  • Trading logs are highly recommended for traders to determine and follow strategy. They also assist in improving mental focus. To maintain clarity, try doing mental exercises and mindfulness workouts to clear your brain from distractions and help focus.  

  • Keeping Distractions at Bay: 
  • It is easy to get diverted by various distractions. Many traders blame cell phones for being a disturbance.  It is sensible to put your phone on work mode and limit all notifications during your workday or even workweek to just the essentials. The same goes for non-work emails and phone calls.

  • Recharge Your Brain: 
  • It is also a great idea to take short breaks all through the day. Extensive periods of focus can affect our mental and physical health, and taking short breaks helps relax our bodies. These breaks will help to release some pressure and relax your mind a little. Do some stretches, read a book, listen to some music, do a crossword puzzle, talk a short walk, or whatever works to relax and boost up your mood. 

    You need to figure out what helps you more and what is not so helpful. However, it is a good practice to keep some physical routine to remain active and healthy. 

    It is easy to lose focus on the end goals and trading strategies if a routine of refreshing and reviewing them is not followed. Following these practices allows our brains to keep a clear focus on what is needed and how we need to go about it. 

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