Finally become an adult on the stock exchange

Most traders are insecure.

(A small consolation: the vast majority of people are insecure...).

Traders are no exception.

That's why they seek contact with other traders (for example, in trading forums).

Or they look everywhere on the internet for confirmation of their method.

Or for their current position.

They want to know if "the others" also think like them.

This is human, but wrong.

As long as you are looking for confirmation (or help), you will not be successful.


Because the masses are mostly wrong.

(This is the case in politics, in society, and also in trading).

As long as you cannot form your own opinion, you are still like a childwho looks up to his parents and searches for confirmation.

As long as you see the stock market with the eyes of a child, you will lose.


Because only adults are on the stock market.

Being an adult means forming your own opinion (right or wrong) and bearing the consequences.

This is the only way to learn.

As long as you chase gurus, you are not an adult.

A small consolation: the vast majority of so-called adults are not.

(Otherwise they wouldn't be doing their stupid jobs).

Becoming an adult means not accepting a boss anymore.

That means no more stock market guru, no more newsletters, and no more external leadership.

Growing up means: relying only on your own judgment.

In other words: you have to leave the world of children behind.

Does that hurt? Yes.

Is there anyone to help you with this? No.

Are there any books, YouTube channels, or gurus to support you through this? No.

You have to do it yourself.

Without any help.

You have to make your own observations.

And stop following the observations of others.

You must learn to observe stock market charts on your own without bias.

And then, maybe... one day you will discover some patterns.

Your patterns.

You can trade them or scalp them.

Either way.

And then, you will start making money on the stock market.

Because they are YOUR observations (however crazy they are).

Because they are YOUR decisions.

Because you didn't ask anyone to let you do it.

Because you decided for yourself: here I buy (although all the world is short).

And here I sell (although the whole world is long).

Or whatever you have discovered for yourself.

It does not matter.

Do what you think is right.

And a tip: don't share this discovery with anyone.

Keep it to yourself.

That's how you grow up.   

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