What is the best forex scalping system?


There are a lot of scalping strategies, but what is the best forex scalping system?

If you trade, you've probably heard of heikin ashi charts (see picture). 

Candlestick charts are more popular, but heikin ashi charts are more effective if you want to scale currencies.

Heikin Ashi charts allow a trader to spot emerging trends early. If the color changes from green to red you have a short signal. If the chart changes from red to green, you have a buy signal and you know that you have to close your sell position from before.

If the signal is correct, the risk/reward ratio is usually in favor of the trader. 

And that is exactly the advantage you want to have as a scalper.

Rice traders in Japan used heikin ashi charts as early as the 17th century to identify major trends. They filter out the wrong signals. 

When scalping, it's a good idea to set yourself modest profit targets that deliver consistent gains.

They should, of course, outweigh losses that will occur from time to time.

To trade with heikin ashi charts you will of course need a trading platform that offers them. Check with your broker to see if they offer heikin ashi charts.

If not, find one that does.

One thing is for sure.

Heikin Ashi charts will dramatically simplify your trader life.

And it's thanks to that simplification that you'll finally become profitable.

Check it out in this free workshop.

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